Our Mission

Unlocking The Power of Sex.

We believe we can turn the power of sex into a force for good.
By changing, re-designing, and innovating the way we do it,
we can make the world a better place.

Good sex means full of love, high in quality, and done to enjoy.
It’s sex that enriches the lives of people
who do it by giving them satisfaction, happiness and pleasure.

It is done in a way that is harmonious with nature,
without excessive burden on one’s self.
Good sex may be made by people of diverse backgrounds
working with energy and enthusiasm, under conditions
where their health, safety and human emotions are respected and upheld.

And we will extend this same spirit to our viewers, visitors and all our stakeholders,
working with them to aspire to a better society where we all thrive.
This is our promise: to always work toward a better, more sustainable society THROUGH SEX.