Our Team

Frank-wolf.net is a community and a collaborative blog built in the same functional model of other sex-oriented blogs.  The site is open-invitation, meaning that anyone can submit their articles.  This site has been created to serve as a public meeting place for honest and respectful conversations about the entire width and breadth of sex, gender, and body. Our blog topics range from the intimate to the mundane, falling in love, looking in the mirror, workplace, health, advocacy, friendship, sex, identity, change, finances, and the list goes on.

Every person on the planet has a unique and vibrant life of experience and expression. We all define ourselves as individuals in all aspects of our lives. This definition includes sex, gender & body. These three areas are intertwined with many other issues of our identity.

Frank-wolf.net wants to challenge an assumption. The primary, societal message about sex, gender, and body is that there is one ‘good’ model exists: hetero male & female, married.  The news is that society benefits when we put ourselves into one of those two buckets and that relationship. We observed that those who choose otherwise are on their own and either ignored or punished.