Best Dildos for Beginners

So, finally, you have decided to plunge into the sex toy bandwagon. And you are going to start with dildo? Well, dildo is one of the most popular picks when someone is starting with sex toys, especially women. Now, the adult toy market is flooded with dildos in all shapes, sizes, types and uses- so much so that it becomes little overwhelming for a newbie to choose the right one. But no worries, the post below outlines some expert tips on how to find best dildos when you are a beginner.

Know about the types

Before you set out to the store, it’s better to brush up your knowledge about the different types of dildos.

Realistic dildos

As the name says, these dildos beautifully emulate a real penis- both in terms of looks & feel with realistic veins and ridges. When you are craving for that real-world hardness and sensation, there cannot be a better option than realistic dildos. You will find them in various sizes to choose from as per your preferences. Realistic dildos are excellent for beginners as they are user-friendly and also strategically shaped for a perfect fit.

Metal dildos

If you want strong stimulation on your G-spot, metal dildos are your thing. They look appealing with their high-shine polish and are loved for their tingling cool sensation. Moreover, the metal option is super smooth to ensure easy penetration.  However, metal ones are naturally heavy. As you are a beginner, it’s better to use the metal one once you are acquainted with the whole game and the toy.

Glass dildos

Don’t worry, glass dildos are pretty durable. They are made from borosilicate glass and are very hardy. Akin to metal ones, the glass options too are excellent for solid G-spot penetration given their firm and robust design. Besides, thanks to their smooth surface, glass dildos are always great for a convenient insertion. And you can use them both cold and hot. On top of that, glass dildos are easily cleanable. You can use them for anal stimulation as well.

Harness dildos

You can use dildo with harness. There are especially designed dildos which are meant to use with harness. All these dildos feature a special area at base where you can attach a lock or O-ring for a secured fit with harness. However, you can also use it without harness for solid pumping & thrusting sessions.

Inflatable dildos

Inflatable dildos are usually made of rubber or latex and carry an attached pump for inflation. You can pump it up as per your preferred girth and length.

Inflatable dildos are great when you are eager for that orgasmic full-up feeling that transcends you to a whole new world. Beginners can use inflatable dildos to understand their preferred length & girth with dildos.

Dildos with vibrator

Do you want some more from your dildo. How about some out-of-the-world vibration buzz bang on your G-spot? Awesome, isn’t it? You bet.

Well, the good news is some modern dildos today come up with vibrator to double the pleasure for the users. However, you may not find dildos with vibrators in a dildo section and those are mostly featured in vibrator section.

Silicone dildos

When it comes to the safest bet, don’t look further than silicone dildos. They are bleachable, boilable, non-toxic, tasteless and odorless for a convenient use. Moreover, silicone dildos are firm yet smooth and guarantees awesome penetration and stimulation. And yes, these are always long-lasting and totally worthy the money. Just make sure not to use silicone lube with it. A water-based lubricant is just the thing you will need here.

Anal dildos

Anal dildos are slightly different from regular dildos as they are especially designed for anal use. These are slimmer compared to the standard counterparts for easy penetration into the anal region. And, you will usually find them with flared base so that the toy doesn’t get lost inside the body. You will usually find an anal dildo in anal toy zones.

Understand the dimension

You must consider the diameter of the dildo before getting a one. Dildos are available in various diameter sizes, ranging from 1” to 1.25” to 1.5” and so on. If you are craving for a fuller feeling, go for dildos with 1.5” diameter. But since you are a beginner, it’s better to start with 1.25” or 1” diameter. Once you get used to the toy, you can try out the larger diameter.

In regards to length & girth, once again, you must start small. Check how the whole thing feels and see whether or not you are comfortable with the entire feel. If everything is okay, go for longer and firmer options.

Be careful of the material

Stay away from dildos that contain phthalates. Being porous, they can’t be sanitized fully and hence unsafe for repeated use. Silicone will be your best choice for dildos, whether you are a beginner or veteran.