Myths About Using a Butt Plug

Are you eager to use butt plugs but worried about the rumors that go around the toy? To start with, butt plugs are one of the most amazing toys for anal pleasure. If you use it right, it will not only keep your backdoor happy but also enable you to enjoy a sizzling vaginal sex. Another great part about butt plugs is that they can be used by both women and men. These toys are strategically designed to stimulate the prostate in men which eventually reward them with an awesome orgasm. In regards to women, butt plugs stimulate the anal nerves and also create the amazing sensation of feeling filled inside the anus. So, yes, butt plugs are a charm.

But, unfortunately, the world of butt plugs is marred with several myths which discourage many aspiring users to try this nifty toy. Time has come to debunk these wrong notions and bring the true facts to the fore so that you can safely use the butt plugs.

Butt plugs may get stuck/lost inside

Rumor has it that butt plugs can any day get stuck or lost inside the user’s body, dragging her all the way to the ER.

Well, this is not exactly possible.

It’s to stress here that all standard butt plugs are strategically designed with flared base. The main function of the base is to prevent the toy from getting lost or stuck inside. In other words, this flared base will keep the plug firmly anchored outside your body.  When you will need to take it out, you will simply have to pull out the flared part and the plug will come out like a dream.

Just try to go for a body-safe plug material here. The best options are silicone, metal and glass. Try to avoid materials such as TPE or rubber.

Now, it’s to note here that sometimes, the plug may feel slightly tighter when you want to it out from your anus. But that’s natural and nothing to be afraid of. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, just squeeze in little lube inside and the plug will come out conveniently.

It will make you poop

This is one of the silliest myths that go around butt plugs.

You know how it feels when you have to shit. You don’t get the same kind of feeling when your get stimulated. The work of butt plug is to stimulate you and not to make you feel like pooping. This is pretty basic. Next time you hear this stupid rumor, just have a good laugh about it.

Also, people who spread this silly rumor have no idea about the anatomy of our body. Get one thing straight-poop is not stored in the anus. It basically hangs in the colon which is located below large intestine. Unless you tell your body to release the poop, it won’t come out. So, yes, there is no way how a butt plug will make you shit just all over.

Now, yes, the anus might have the traces of poop. But, there are some easy steps to prevent those traces to get into your butt plug. First, make sure to have fibrous and bland food the day before you plan to use your butt plug. Then, get an enema before you start your plug play. Don’t worry, things will be just fine.

Lube is optional

No, not at all.

Lubrication is a must when you are using a butt plugs or any kind of sex toy for that matter. It’s to note here that the anus can’t lubricate itself. If you shove in the butt plug without lubrication, you will only end up with unnecessary tear of the anal muscles. Thus, you should always proceed with a generous share of lubrication while using your butt plug. You can use a silicone-based lube here. Silicone lubes are long-lasting and also water-proof. But then, remember, silicone lubes aren’t suitable for silicone toys. So, if you are using a silicone butt plug, you must not use a silicone lubricant. A water-based lubricant would be a good choice here.

First, you will coat up the butt plug with ample lubricant. Then, you must also pour a dollop on the anus. After that, press the butt plug slowly against the anal opening for a while. Let your muscles relax while you insert the toy. It’s normal for your muscles to get tensed up when you will be using the plug for the first time. But don’t stress out as tensed muscles will only tighten the passage. If you are relaxed, you will have a more comfortable insertion.

Next, take out your butt plug and lubricate it again. After that get it inside your anus and wait for a while. You will have to continue this whole process of taking out of the plug, re-lubricating it as well as inserting it again until your anus is ready to take it in fully. You will have to go through 4-5 attempts before getting the plug ultimately inside your body.

Butt plugs could be hurtful

Well, not exactly so.

Butt plugs are intelligently designed to maximize your feeling of pleasure at the backdoor. These are strategically crafted with a tapered head for an easy insertion through the anus. Now, it’s true that you might feel a tingling sensation in your anus when you insert a butt plug inside. But that’s very basic for new users. Butt plug is a foreign object which your body isn’t really accustomed to. So, when you will enter it for the first time inside , it’s not usual to feel little strange at the backdoor. But, over time, you will get used to it.

Just make sure to choose the right size of butt plug and lubricate the toy properly for a hassle-free and exciting plug play session.

However, if you ever feel any kind of sharp and persistent pain while using the butt plug, stop using it immediately. You may need to get a smaller size or more lube for a convenient insertion.

Now that we have debunked all the popular myths about butt plugs, it’s time for you to get yours and visit lovegasm.